Establishing The Habit

Ok, this blog is getting away from me.  This has happened to me before.  They’re so easy to start but you have to keep coming back and actually writing in it.  Grrr, stupid blog.

The trick here is that I have to just start writing about the stupid crap happening to me day to day.  It doesn’t have to be award winning, it doesn’t have to please my one reader, it just has to get written so that I develop the habit of updating this thing.  It’s important, I think this blog could really help me…Sometime…Eventually.

So that’s what I’m going to do, write about my day…Which I’ll start tomorrow.


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3 Responses to Establishing The Habit

  1. flower says:

    Test (my laptop is being repaired by the Tech people)

  2. flower says:

    CyranO, I sent you fairly long mssg’s last night … did you rcv them? As I comment above, the tech’s are tryhing to repair a tool on my laptop, so I don’t know what did or did not go thru. They were good, too :). Took me a long time. flower

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