Cyran0 is the pseudonym I use when discussing my mental health issues online.  This started mainly because sites like Psych Central encourage a pseudonym and I found a sort of freedom in it.  Even though I am not bothered by the stigma of mental illness there are still things I wouldn’t share if people knew who I was but as Cyran0 it doesn’t matter, I can spill whatever I like.

My diagnosis has varied a bit over the years and I’m not sure anyone’s nailed it yet but my two basic issues are anxiety and depression.  So call it generalized anxiety, major depression, PTSD, OCD, or whatever, those two major issues are why I’m here.

In real life I’m a TV producer.  No, I’m not kidding, I produce videos for a cable network.  I also try to make films and write.  Anxiety and depression have been making all of these things harder and harder to do.

I’m married and I have four kids.

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